Joy Reid, c'mooooon down!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Paniro188, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Do your research. Joy Reid's blog was from the mid to late 2000s.

    One of the anti-gay comments posted was against Rachel Maddow, who started working for MSNBC in 2008.
    I really have a hard time believing Joy Reid knew enough about Rachel Maddow in the 2000s to call her basically a Left wing gay extremist.

    Reid said her old blog was hacked to include the anti-gay comments and it looks like she might be right.
    If this had really been posted by Reid, it wouldn't take until April, 2018 for someone to discover Joy Reid's previous comments.

    To be honest, this sounds like a Project Veritas/James O'Keefe hit job.

    NBC is standing behind her while cyber forensic detectives try to find out what happened.

    Glad to see you're still very pro gay rights, Paniro.:rolleyes:
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    I am pro gay rights. Actually I'm not pro, I just don't give a crap . I'm classical liberal I don't care what people do in their home.

    I brought this up becausethe left are trying to squeeze her out over old crap.

    Her saying she was hacked is bull crap lol. I don't believe that for one second. Many blacks are conservative when it comes to gay rights. This is no surprise she thinks this way. It's just now, her party is so far left that she can't have these thoughts even if she ticks ofoff all the other boxes.

    This reminds me of the demorat running for Congress, the name escapes me. The guy checked all the boxes for every fat left idea out there but he said he was pro life and the Democrat party chairman said they have no room in the party for someone like that. Crap, the name escapes me
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    The reason I believe Joy Reid is possibly telling the truth is because I don't believe there's any way in 2008-2009 Reid was saying negative crap about Rachel Maddow, when most folks had no idea who she was. Maddow wasn't even on MSNBC back then,(she started on the network in 2008).

    Maddow was an obscure radio host back then and not really that 'out' about her sexuality on air.
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    Actually Maddow became known quickly thanks to following the Keith Olbermann show on MSNBC. 2008 was the year of the election of Obama and I think Marrow had started to become a fixture of that network around then. She and Al Franken had been the two biggest stars at one time on Air America.
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    It's called eating their own.

    I don't know this Joy lady except in vague media passing, but them wanting to scalp her and her It's classic liberal(ism) tactic. (Look at the current savage vilification of Kanye.)

    The far-left do not allow for gray areas of the gray matter. They are clueless to the reality that people will always have difference of opinions, and that one or two opinions doesn't reflect a multi-dimensional individual as their whole sum total..
    However, as per usual, the facists mentality will demand it's their way or the highway.
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    Kind of like this.

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    Read a article that said Kanye is crazy and lives in a privledged bubble. Apparently he wasn't crazy (even given his odd behavior) as long as they thought he was on their side.

    Funny, jayz and Beyonce are not part of the 'privledged bubble' because they tow the far leftist line .
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    Bliss speaking of kanye, my rant

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  11. Bliss

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    Oh wow. Most excellent. You are a true free-thinker. Your examples and points on the far-Left and Right's 180 polar reactions are spot on!.

    Speaking of one of your points, I myself did diss Kanye for his rude and disrespectful behavior towards Taylor, as he literally dismissed and impacted in a negative way a fellow performer's moment and career. However, l would never - could never - call to boycott and destroy a man's career for that, OR because he recognized Camdace's RIGHT to her opinion.

    Man, l loved your video. Definitely going to follow you.
    (Sheeit, plus you're easy on the eyes to watch, too!)
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    Oh..and your observation that they are vying for the illegal vote to replace the Black vote (lest the Black Voter become fickle)...yes!
    ..And the White Liberals telling Black ('uppity') individuals how to think? You nailed it.

    I so love that you're staunch center, with slight leanings.

    I was thinking while watching, when you said Black people need to be more politically's a shame an Independent Party for BP and anyone non-black who agrees, isn't formed. The DNC is not the Party for BP because they don't acknowledge a Higher Power exists, or life at conception, which is very close to many in the community.

    Like you said, screw the one Party system we have all been dealt. At the end of the day, they all go home to their mansions.
  13. Paniro188

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    The Democrats and republicans go home to their mansions have parties invite each other and laugh at us working class people. They have so many people thinking that they really have a choice.
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    Kanye West once declared George Bush doesn't care About Black People after Katrina. Now he's supporting the guy who said there were ''some very fine people'' on both sides of the Charlottesville protest.

    He's gained a considerable amount of weight! It's my understanding many patients suffering from mental illness, when exposed to psychotropic medications, pack on the pounds. Either that, or he's adopted poor eating habits.

    As for Trump, he has demonstrated a lack of interest in unifying America, which I find deeply sad and troubling.
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  15. Paniro188

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    Mental illness= anyone who doesn't think like I do. How arrogant is a person who can't fathom a person not agreeing with them......

    Oh btw what's up with the fat shaming? You're oppressing Kanye because of his weight......

    'muh intersectionality
  16. Bliss

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    Oh man. More nailing.
  17. SilverSmith

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    You amuse me. Is THAT all you got?

    Kanye was hospitalized in 2016 for mental health treatment. Regarding his politics, he's free to love Trump to his heart's desire. LOL
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  18. Bliss

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    @Charlottesville, he wasn't referring to the despicable racists scum who were there, he was referring to those on the Right who were decent patriots. ( as he did those on the Left who weren't racist loons).
    The Patriots unfortunately got lumped in with the racist scum. It was taken out of context and twisted by those that hate the President.

    Secondly, mental illness normally leads to an extreme lack of self-care from hair, to bathing, etc, and also the loss of (interest) in self-feeding...
    Furthermore, psychotropic drugs side effects almost always include a loss of appetite.. it's when one ceases to take them that weight gain usually appears.

    I've posted recent pics of Kanye and he looks fine. How old is that pic?
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    I seriously doubt there were sincere, decent All-American, non-racist/non-White supremacists at the Charlottesville rally.

    That's like attending a Klan march because you agree with their position on immigration and imported goods.

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