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Discussion in 'Dealing with Prejudice' started by gen y, Jul 27, 2009.

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    I can't say if it was definitely racially motivated, but one night I was out with a guy in Bellaire (A city inside Houston) and we were stopped by the cops. They made me get out of the car, and for at least 20 minutes interrogated me as to why I was with him, and then called me a prostitute. When I insisted that I was nothing more than a college student/waitress, offered to show them my school ID, and that he was just a guy I was out with, they refused to accept this answer and kept calling me a hooker, asking how much the guy had paid me, etc.

    Apparently, they had said nothing of the sort to the man I was with, instead just asking him what we were doing and the general "Do you have any warrants?" questions.

    I was nearly in tears out of frustration and worry, cause they wouldn't believe me, and had also threatened to charge me with public intoxication...I'd had two beers at a bar prior, was nowhere near drunk, and pointed out that I was on my way home so I didn't think it counted as public intoxication...so they said that since I'd stepped out of the car it would count. They were assholes.

    Then, when they were ready to let us go (guess they got bored, and they had no real charges against us) they both leaned in the windows (one on his side, one on mine) and kept asking me if I was going to fuck the guy. "Oh come on, you know this is just a one night stand thing. Just admit you are going to go fuck, and we'll let you go". I kept denying it (he was just taking me home), but finally I just said, in a monotone "Yes, we're going to his place to fuck. Can we please go now?" and they said "That's all you had to say" and finally let us go.

    It was humiliating. They were Houston police in Bellaire, so I think they were out of their jurisdiction anyhow. Both cops were black, as well. Though frankly I don't care if they would have been purple, it was completely uncalled for.
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    That is horrible DH, I'm sorry you had to go through that. :smt009
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    Since I have been with Kenn, we have been stopped by the cops 3 times for ridiculous things. Once okay..twice..hey it's America..three times????

    Interestingly enough, I never get stopped with other white people....
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    When my husband & I are pulled over, the police always treat me like a potential kidnapping victim. They separate us, and then they ask me a bunch of questions in these gentle talking-to-the-victim voices: "Are you okay? Do you know this man? Did you get into the car willingly? Do you want us to call someone for you?"

    Makes no difference what race the police are, it's always the same.

    On the other hand, they also treat me like the authority on everything, when we're in a group and I'm the only White person. If there's an incident somewhere, everyone with me gets to go home with minimal or no questioning.

    It's a pretty jacked up world we live in.
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    I was first gonna say - "the Bellaire police is infameous for being racial profilers and just plain assholes"..
    but then I read Htown police.. in Belaire hmmmmm.. like you said - they have no jurisdiction in Bellaire - what the HELL, that was just plain evil.
    Im sorry you had to endure that.
  7. LA

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    Interesting..... hmmm....

    Racial profiling? Nahhhh...
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  9. Be-you-tiful86

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    Here the local police doesn't have an issue at all with interracial relationships.
    Never seen any discrimination happen.
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    Christ DH, I'm sorry, that sounds so horrible.
    We're quite lucky here, interracial relationships are very common so I've never had problems with the police.
    There's still quite a big issue with police discrimination though, quite a lot of my black and asian male friends have been stopped and searched when they were alone, I think it's because of the way they were dressed. The black lads I know that don't dress 'ghetto' haven't really had problems with the police.
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    I can sorta understand when cops in rural areas do this (not that it's right)...frankly they don't have as much going on around them. They know who the bad eggs are in their towns. In larger cities...Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, etc...the police have so much to focus on that it makes little sense to get caught up (to take a word from Obama) and go around "acting stupidly." I have to be honest and say that I've never been through anything like that...all of the times I've been riding around with black-Americans, Pakistanis, Indians and Nigerians...day or night...never been harrassed...even with white girls around. My two homies got a ticket each for not wearing a seatbelt but the cop had no way of seeing it from 100 yards away...of course that was in Garland.
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    I've never really had any problems with the police when I've been out with white women :smt102
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    I was handed cuffed and spent a night in jail because of the white women I'm with now. We didn't get pulled over in a car but her neighbors called the police on us one night while we were having sex. My girlfriend was moaning pretty loud and the neighbors thought I was killing her.

    In a round about way, I was, but not how they thought.
  14. gen y

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    I have to ask. Why do women scream so loud when they're having sex, loud enough for nosy neighbors to hear?
  15. Chandarah

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    Why hold the screaming back when u are getting it real goood?
    And it is a turn on knowing, that everybody will know that u have great sex and they donĀ“t at the moment.

    <------- screamer......... LOUD.....very

  16. LA

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    I'm jealous.
  17. karmacoma.

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    And now the meme is police harassment/profiling.

    I'm like Dex, never had a problem.
  18. Tony Soprano

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    Dude, you really have a lot to learn when it comes to women.:smt003
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    Oh, honey. Do you really have to ask? There is a natural buildup inside a woman when she is being pleasured, and there comes a point when she can't hold back any more. She has to let it all out. I know for me that the screaming, the moaning, and all the dirty talk just gets me off even harder. If I have to be refrained from expressing myself during sex, then don't even bother making the first move. It's not worth it to me. If I can't cum as hard and as loud as I want to, I would rather do without.

    As far as any police discrimination or harassment, I have not experienced any.
  20. KimboSlice

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    One of the female posters answered that question better than I ever could. They can explain better of why a woman does certain things than me, a guy, could.

    Now, to be honest, when my girlfriend responses like that it becomes a hugh turn-on to me. Makes me urge to sex her strong and deep. It was from one of these sex sessions that I learned a lot about myself. She was about to have one of her intense orgasms and her body started jerking uncontrollably while I was on top. She started biting down on me as she was cumming.

    Believe it or not, I loved it. It was at that point when I knew I was a stone freak. I ENJOYED my woman biting me. I would deliberatly get her in that state during sex so she could bite me again.

    Me and my freaky self, I need to quit:grin:

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