Ukrainian Women, Ukraine, and Black Men

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    Since, I have been asked to give a little about myself I will. First and foremost let me say the reason why I came to this forum was because I saw an article about European women and I wanted to create a topic about black men and white women from the FSU (Former Soviet Union) namely the Ukraine.

    From my experiences it has been a point of discouragement on other forums namely Russian/Ukrainian forums where others have discouraged black men from ever thinking that they can be with white women from the Ukraine. I have personally witnessed this myself.

    I wanted to create a topic about my experiences with Ukrainian women and to Positively Encourage Black men that yes if you are interested in women from the Ukraine that you can have the chance in knowing such a woman.

    My Brothers, Do not let others tell you otherwise.:)

    Be Encouraged that there are white women out there who want to be with Black men who are from the Former Soviet Union. One of course must know what to do and where to look.

    I want to pass on my experience and knowledge to help and...

    I hope this will be a long discussion here because it certainly does need to be discussed.

    About Myself:

    A man who has for several years been studying about Russia and the Ukraine in regards to black men finding white women there and I think the future is



    I have also corresponded with white women from the Ukraine and Russia who were interested in me though I was not white like them. :cool:
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    Remember This Rule

    Rule#1-Never, ever go with somebody's "opinion" who says that it may be difficult or near impossible for black men to be with Ukrainian white women.

    They may have an Ulterior motive is making such a statement.
  3. GQ Brotha

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    Most of those women have next to no experience with encountering a black man, especially if they have been in the Ukraine all their lives, so most of what they will see and hear prior will be "stereotypes"

    Also for some mystifying reason there is an undertow of "Neo-Nazism" in parts of these places. Ironic given what the real Nazis under Adolf Hitler did to their country.

    Makes me wonder if the young people in these places learn their history that they would even dream of identifying with Nazism.

    There is a focus on this subject with the Euro 2012 Tournament starting soon in Poland and Ukraine, with the football hooligans and racists that make monkey chants at black players and attack Asians immigrants from the Former Soviet Republics like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.

    These places are essentially ignorant of black folks since they have basically no interaction with them socially.
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    I know a tiny bit about this subject, I was seeing Polish girl last year who is also part Ukrainian and Lithuanian and she told me that a fair few Polish girls are more than open to dating black men. We have a lot of Polish people living in the UK so it is bound to happen at least in small numbers.

    I can't speak for the Ukraine as they are not in the E.U so it would far harder for them to get visas etc.

    I have met a few Polish people and each one has been great and couldn't less racist if they tried. There is a huge difference between the Polish that settle here in the UK than the Nazi thugs still in Poland.

    Any brother who wants an Eastern Bloc beauty is more than welcome to come to the UK if you have run out of them in the States :mrgreen:
  5. Soulthinker

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    Caerdydd,first the brother had to find that Eastern European women in the UK. Hard to find one in tbe big city of London.
  6. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

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    You Are Correct and Thank You So Much

    Thanks for the Response. You are correct. The intention why I created this topic is so that any Ukrainian lady stumbling on to this topic will see the GOOD in Black men and yes Brothers, Black Men are FINE and GOOD.

    I have much experience in this field and it is a little bit different with the Polish Girls let me tell you this because many times Polish women (though not all want) to bring home someone of the same religious Background that they have. Plus Poland to my knowledge has never been under Communism like Ukraine has. Great place to pick up Polish girls apart from Poland-Ireland since many seek Ireland as a place to go and work. Here are some points to consider:

    1. For many years Russia and Ukraine was closed off to the West and this created a very closed minded attitude in the people. Ukraine is a young democracy but STILL there is a closed minded attitude by some to Black men with white women there BUT hopefully GOOD Black men can change that which we know that they most certainly can and will.

    2. In the East of the Ukraine especially there is largely much inexperience with Black men and with the outside world which is why some Ukrainian women like to talk about world travel a lot. The most experience they may have is with men from Africa but you are correct there are stereotypes associated with them. There can be a Fear as well that some have that GOOD Black men can Change.

    3. There is hope though. For example in Odessa now and again you do see some Black brother with white women out on the beaches in the sun. Plus Odessa is a port city where the Cruise ships come in so people are accustomed to seeing different people from other places.

    4. Let me be very Frank and very Real with you Black Brothers out there. If you DO want to go after Ukrainian White ladies then please avoid the POLICE or at least be Nice to them and show how nice you can be if you meet them on the Street. I am sorry to say that in certain places if you are not white and Black the POLICE will stop you and ask for your international identification or papers whereas with others they Won't. It CAN be a nuisance but if you DO encounter the POLICE please be NICE to them. If you are NICE to them when you meet them and they stop you on the street then your encounter with them will be brief and they will let you be on your way.

    5. My suggestion to you is that two good places to go looking for white women in Ukraine are Odessa and Kiev and I say again Beware of the Police. I am not going to hide anything because you will have to Face this but after you deal with the Police nicely they will leave you alone once they are done with you as I said before.

    6. If you go to Lugansk BE VERY CAREFUL-Lugansk is known as Scammer Country-So Beware of Scammers and yes Ukraine has scammers but there are GOOD white ladies there too as well.

    7. If you want to find a white lady in the Ukraine here are some more Rules (more later) :

    A. FIND one who has broken up with her boyfriend for starters or a lady who may be divorced who wants something new or a lady who lives alone in an apartment but take your time and check their character out.:)

    B. Stay away from Dark alleys or isolated places and stick to the more modern places. Robbers are found in isolated or dark alleys. Stick to the more modern places and you will be Fine.

    C. DO NOT let a lady want you to take her to dinner where you have to pay for everything or take you to stores where you have to pay for everything. She is trying to Soft Scam You. No matter how she looks. Walk Away. She is a Scammer.

    D. If you find one know that All Ladies want a man who is kind and nice. Do NOT show her that you are into excessive alcohol drinking. A Big NO NO. :smt072 You see one of the complaints Ukrainian ladies have about Ukrainian men is that they are into alcoholism and it is true. Some Ukrainian men sadly Abuse Ukrainian women under the influence of alcohol. Alcoholism is like a plague over there in the Ukraine and Russia. In fact it is estimated that the population of Russia will shrink from over 141 million to 111 million because each year they experience over 900,000 deaths due to alcohol.

    E. Just show her how GOOD you are in Your character. It is very simple to win a beautiful white lady in the Ukraine even if you are a Black Guy-Just Treat Her Well and let her see how nice you are and you will win her. That's ALL they are asking for because they complain that Ukrainian men Do NOT treat them well. I mean some of these guys are known to let their wives work and bring home the money while they stay home or they may cheat on her at times with other women. Some men are known to have four or five girlfriends at times. Its all a BIG mess how these women get treated and so all they are asking for is something DIFFERENT and Black men CAN offer them that.:)

    You have got to show her how different you are from these men in the Ukraine. If you show her how DIFFERENT you are then she will not see your Black skin color but she will see you as a Good man regardless of your skin and that is what must happen but GOOD Black men have got to show this. I cannot overemphasize this-BE GOOD and Treat her GOOD. It is ALL she wants if you do find a Ukrainian lady.

    F. Talk about the fact that you are serious about family creation in the future. If she sees you are serious like this you will also win her as well. They also complain that Ukrainian men are NOT serious about family which is very important to them and from a young age Mothers pass on to their daughters that creating a Family is the HIGHEST priority which is what these ladies most certainly want.

    Ukrainian women are GORGEOUS Brothers-So Many look like Models walking down the street especially in Lugansk which is known as the "Land of the Super Models" By Some (although it is scammer country though not every where of course)

    Ukrainian women ARE worth finding JUST DON'T FIND THE SCAMMERS THAT'S ALL and I will be posting more about finding one but thanks for the posts thus far.:D

    P.S. Going on Russian Forums won't get these kinds of answers as a Black man except great negativity at times from some. You may even waste your time going there and I DO NOT advise you go to one UNLESS you are seeking (1) Travel Advice (2) Understanding the Culture, and (3) Knowledge of the Country and that's it. Asking them about interracial unions with White women and Black men in the Ukraine is NOT going to get you the answers you are seeking and they may even discourage you. Trust me I talk from great experience and I will tell you why later on.
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  7. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

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    The Answer

    Fact: Most Russian/Ukrainian Forums Are Anti-Black Men and White Ukrainian Women Hookups and Connections.

    Let no one tell you otherwise or they are indeed lying to you or are sympathizers with the system.:smt045

    Remember that well!

    So Stick With Those Who Encourage You Rather Than Discourage You My Black Brothers Out There.:smt045

    ...And As I Said Before Only Go To These Forums For (1) Travel Advice (if you need to) and (2) Cultural Understanding and (3) Country Information-Nothing More And Nothing Less.
  8. Bhayes

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    i actually have a question myself.

    I'm actually glad this has been brought up. it was on my mind too.

    i am talking with several girls from a small town called Poltava in ukraine.

    Basically - avoid discussion forums which are populated by american and russian white men. They will not encourage you or give you positive advice.

    Simply put... they are all racist at heart. the racist russian white men will not help you and will not tell you the truth. the old american white men that typically go there on those tours who is a redneck who is there in the forum will not help you either because he too is racist.

    One girl who i talk to is from the small town of poltava and she told me that ukraine white men don't like brown skin men to be with their women. Simply put, there are angry white men in slavic world too! Just not alot.

    However, ukraine women have a huge amount of curiosity toward us black americans. They have interest because its a curiosity thing. Also those women are really tired of how their men treat them too. So this is why they are curious if you will bring a more positive element to their lives.

    they are very isolated from what happens in our world and they don't know anything except what they see in movies. And for the ones that don't speak english. well they are even more curious.

    but not all slavic women are attracted to black men. But there are so very many that will be that you will feel good about your chances.

    Yes, they mostly have expereince with africans or arabians. Not american black men.

    I have mixed feelings about certain areas. I have been warned by men that a black man should stay out of moscow. Why? skinheads for one and other types of things. But overall some parts of russia have race problems. So there

    But i say yes... focus on areas that are used to dealing with foreigners.

    Right now i'm communicating with a girl who lives in Odessa. And she is very very stunnng. She looks like a super-model. She makes some of the women on supermaker magazine covers look like leftovers. And the odd thing is she claims she feels she is too old and that she is average. Its odd because in slavic world there is something in the gene pool there. I mean women are just naturally beautifull. Beautiful eyes, pretty faces, beautiful bodies - and being that its a poor country - the women dress very well too. Pretty women clothes must not cost alot of money there because some of them dress like movie stars.

    One woman i spoke to lives in Poltava too. And she is in beauty peageants there too. And the crazy thing is she is tall and stunning and she doesn't do any type of phsysical training to stay in shape. Its shocking. And in some cases she gets 2nd place. So it boggles my mind. That i could have such a woman.

    i will say this. The advantage we as american black men have in Ukraine is that you really have no competition at all.

    Here in the USA its hard enough to find a woman who is halfway decent who isn't high maintenance and doesn't have an ego. The other element here is there is so much competition and cock blocking over pretty women that its downright hopeless.

    So just know that if you learn the russian language, take care of your body (go to gym), have your money/career in order, and dress decent and then just approach the whole ukraine/russian women thing in the right way. You are guranteed to have a fine woman on your arm. And the crazy part is these stunning beautiful women are used to ukraine men who are basically flunkies who drink and smoke too much or old out of shape american white men or geeky nerdy white men.

    So i feel so relieved that
    1) there is an over-flow of fine women over there and
    2) you will have no competition.

    it just requires effort on our parts and it will cost some money. But its worth it. You just have to present yourself well. I'm doing some serious dance training right now. And just know that if you're a good dancer you will double your chances. those women love to listen to techno music and dance at the night clubs.

    infact i wish to ask a question myself - the girl im talking to now (galyuta) is asking me about race relations is america. And i honestly don't know what to say to her.

    I mean i could tell the brutal truth. i could sugar coat things and tell her some things, or i could tell her nothing. i'm not sure. i know that i cannot lie about how it is. I know for a fact that part of the equation is living in the right environment. the other aspect is she is ukraninan/russian. So she needs to be in an environment that is supportive of her needs and be around people who are capable of loving and liking her. It would be hard for her because women (especially american black women) will get jealous of her looks. So i have to really think about what i will say to this woman.

    She is not exactly pale/white. She has a very slight brown tint to her skin tone but she isn't really brown either. I guess she might consider herself to be mixed but again she isn't really brown at all. She looks like a beautiful dark haried white woman with a really good everlasting tan. But ukraine/russia is virtually untouched by american black men.

    and i'm actually glad for it too. i'm very sick and tired of ego clashing with other american black men because of the fact there there is an attractive woman in the room. So its a breath of fresh air for me.

    Sometimes i pinch myself because i'm saying "wow i can have a woman like that?"

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  9. christine dubois

    christine dubois Well-Known Member

    Have you ever been in Ukraina oder do you know one or several ukrainian women personally (face to face)?
  10. Machiavel

    Machiavel Active Member

    Sure you can ;) Back in the summer of 2009, I saw a few Nigerian students with hot Ukrainian girls in a club called Patipa.

    So it will depends on a lot of different factors. I am sure that you know by now that girls like those seen the picture can be seen nearly everywhere in Kiev, Lugansk and Donetsk. So the amount of hot babes(slavic genes ;)) you see on the streets, clubs, grocery stores etc and the shortage of brothers in that country simply increase the odds of...well, that's one theory :D
  11. Machiavel

    Machiavel Active Member

    Yeah, good advice, man. The best thing to do is just to go there an experience for yourself.

    You can check this thread here made specially about Ukraine a black man experience(my own) there.
  12. GQ Brotha

    GQ Brotha New Member

    Interesting and insightful post bro.

    Thanks for highlighting your experiences from a first person perspective instead of just having to go off of stereotypes and assumptions.
  13. MissWacy

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    in some parts of London its hard not to find a eastern european girls
  14. christine dubois

    christine dubois Well-Known Member

    do I get you right here?;)
  15. MissWacy

    MissWacy New Member

    what you mean lol
  16. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

    ILoveYouWhiteWomen New Member

    I would not know all this informationi if...

    I would not know all this information if... I did not know these women face to face.

    Plus my dear lady I have been a victim of a scam before from the Ukraine and I also as well am corresponding with a lady from Kiev at the moment.

    We'll see how that goes.

    But yes I am passing on my experience to others who need it here. Let me see if I can pull up some travel advice to help BLACK men if they decide to go to the Ukraine.
  17. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

    ILoveYouWhiteWomen New Member

    Here to help

    You Are Welcome my good brother and friend and I am here to help.

    Plus I too know what it is to experience Prejudice on some of these Russian forums about the issue.

    The reason why I said that they have ulterior motives is because these guys for example on some of these Russian forums which I have been a member of simply don't want to see a black man with white woman from the Ukraine or Russia. They cleverly disguise it but it is the truth.
  18. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

    ILoveYouWhiteWomen New Member

    Yes you have point But...

    Yes, you have a point but it is the Approach that must be Refined in order to get these women but then again as a Black man you have to make sure and check out the character of the lady FIRST.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why does she want to be with me?
    2. What is the purpose?
    3. Is it because she is a scammer and she is trying to use me for her own gain?

    Remember this: Not Every woman in the Ukraine who hooks up with you is after you because they may be after what you have and scammers come in beautiful packages as well. They know that men are after their beauty and they are not afraid to use it to their own selfish advantages. Trust me I speak from great experience that I am passing on and I want to see MORE Black men hook up with these white women because they are Gorgeous and Black men DESERVE to be with these white women.

    You must also understand that the average income levels for the Ukraine is between 150 United States Dollars to 400 United States dollars per month and so scamming has become a way of life for some women so as I said before some know how to tailor their beauty to scam men with it. So BE VERY CAREFUL.
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  19. worriedleigh

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    ILYWW I do believe you are past the point of trying to make us feel you are not trolling here. GTFO!:evil:
  20. ILoveYouWhiteWomen

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    Rules Again

    Rule #2: Good Treatment is the key to winning these women. If a lady sees that you treat her well then you will win her and she will Not see your race but just see you as a wonderful man.

    As I said before the perception of many Ukrainian women is that basically Ukrainian men treat women there badly and this is why many are looking for outsiders.

    Plus the country of the Ukraine is under a lot of corruption. For example, the horror stories in the Crimea region where the government is just taking people's homes away from them and moving them by force out of their homes. Also the water shortage issues and other issues that can happen at times.

    The girl that I am in correspondence with right now works 16 hours per day as she tells me and she works two jobs and she works from Sunday to Sunday. She will sometimes use the computer at one of her workplaces to write me from there.

    So faced with ALL these issues ladies are looking for better and they want men to treat them well. One of the differences between American women and Ukrainian ones is that with American women at times appearance plays a great role in them choosing you.

    With Ukrainian women appearance does not always play that big of a deal. I know of one man who was 300 pounds and from Canada who got a lady from the Ukraine who had a son to come to Canada with him and what she told him was that "she had never been treated like how he had treated her"

    So again as I tell you-these ladies want to be treated well and Treatment is the key to getting them.

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