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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Beasty, May 22, 2018.

  1. Beasty

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    Some political topics are based on values, others on Ideas. When you put it all together, each one of us have a profile that would be reviewed if we were running for office. At some point it may change, or expand. It's pretty much a snapshot at a point in time. What's your profile?

    I'll start

    Health Care : Universal

    Economics : Pro capitalist Keynesian Economics: government policy should be to shift aggregate demand curve to the right to curve recession, unemployment and deflation. Shift aggregate demand curve to the left to reduce inflation.

    Drugs : Same penalties for Cocaine and Crack by lessening crack penalties. Leave status of Marijuana up to the states. Keep other related laws as is.

    Guns: Federal background checks to extend to mental health for every transaction. No registry kept at federal level. The remaining to be settled at state level.

    Prostitution: settled at state level

    Abortion: Legal for all states

    Gay marriage: settled at state level

    Education: Lower college tuition across the country to reflect levels in the south.

    Global Warming: A top priority

    Foreign policy: Always try to do the big or expensive things with our allies. Pro democracy. Technology, the CIA and Special forces are key to root out cancers. Jerusalem should be its own country like Vatican city. If approved by the united nations, those who stand against that are enemies of the international community. Nuclear free middle east.

    Domestic Ideas: Reduce defense spending by lowering profit margins for defense contractors. Use extra money to increase salaries of public school teachers K-12. Employ veterans as armed guards in schools. Rebuild infrastructure throughout the country. Build an autobahn from Florida to California, (Autobahn is better in lack of snow) bypass Louisiana to lower flood risks. Rebuild the Mental Health system. More federal dollars for NASA. High ambitions for Mars. More ideas to include the moon.

    Chicago: Invest more in public schools and after school programs to make gangs less appealing to youth. Invest more in drug rehabilitation programs. Open to more ideas.
  2. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Immigration: If you are born here you are a citizen. If not you must come here legally. First time you're caught here illegally you get sent back, the second time you get 10 years. Continue the ICE raids.
  3. Thump

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    This is cut and pasted from an older post but It fits this thread:

    I think strategic socialism is a good thing. Postal service, public libraries, interstate highways, public schools etc. Some things are better when done for the good of all.

    I'm for strict gun control, the fewer guns the better. (limits on the number of guns and ammunition any one person can have)

    I'm not exactly a member of green peace but I support any effort to curb the destruction of the environment. I'm also totally against sports hunting. Hunting for food is one thing but killing for fun troubles me.

    Alcohol is the single most destructive drug the world has ever seen, and it's legal in 95% of the planet. so if legalizing (and heavily regulating) hard drugs can help curb the crime rate that comes along with illegal drugs, I'm not opposed to having a conversation about it.

    I'm completely ok with legalized (and heavily regulated) prostitution. It would probably cut down on sex trafficking.


    I'm pro-life.

    I'm anti-death penalty.

    I believe the big banks should be broken up.

    I believe college should be free.

    I believe that healthcare is a fundamental right and not a privilege. (and should be free)

    A few additional things

    I believe the US should stop supporting Isreal until they get held accountable for their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people.

    America should reduce its defense budget by 40% and reallocate those funds to health services (whats the use in having a state of the art military if all future soldiers are overweight and addicted to opioids)

    I also believe in net neutrality and Universal Internet IDs
  4. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Add big tax deductions for daycare expenses. For the average daycare cost most people will be able to deduct every dollar spent.
  5. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    First thing I'm gonna do is fire Barr, then release everyone that's in prison for weed. Then I'm gonna reduce time for everyone that's in for crack, no longer differentiating between power and rock. Then end corporate ownership of prisons. Like it or not you're being bought out by uncle Sam.

    Then im gonna put us back on track with our allies and reaccept the nuclear deal with Iran.

    I'm gonna end the import quotas on sugar, thereby increasing the world price of it which will end a lot of poverty in Latin America while making sure we get something in return.

    Major police reforms. No more all white juries unless the defendant is white too.

    I'm going to most definitely legalize duels. Either be civil or handle yours like man. Any agreed upon weapon except WMD and explosives will be game. If you want to hash it out with flame throwers or fully automatic shotguns, you're on.
  6. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Addendum to abortion.

    If she's married the husband has to sign off on any abortion. Unless there is a serious medical issue.

    If she's not married the choice is completely between her and her doctor, not you and politicans that have no skin in the game.

    However part of me just wants to let these states make these ridiculous laws so it's no longer an issue in the general election.

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